Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 2011

After a poor month in September, I got back in high gear this month and finished my generic 15mm modern skirmish figures for what I call the Krasnovia project.

This project is now mature but I do see some nice new figures out there such as the SEAL team from Khurasan.

133 figures for 133 points

I still need to base (on order) and dip the figures.

I also started on my first sci-fi figures and primed two ancients units.

I attended Fall In for two days but more about that in another post.

Plans for November include working on some sci-fi figures and maybe my first ancients unit. I also have a whole batch of Blue Moon and JR Miniatures Middle East buildings to paint. These will be used with the ME buildings from Miniature Building Authority to populate my sci-fi world.