Monday, November 14, 2011

Battle of Featherstone's Farm

1 May - Poo-Boochen forces took the initiative under General Schwartz's able leadership. His cavalry advanced rapidly to screen the follow on infantry and it appeared the Poo-Boochen forces would be able to move on line with the farmstead garrison. It was not too be...The Prax Prarie Cossacks and Wha Hoo Hussars launched daring charges that caught the Poo-Boochen horsemen unprepared. The Katzain cavalry routed both their opponents leaving many on the field and taking even more prisoners. Supported by the Boober Bay Uhlans, the Katzian cavalry  forced Schwartz to deploy his infantry and guns short of the farm. This gave MG Grumm an opportunity to launch a brigade attack against the farm after blasting the defenders with close range cannon fire. Schwartz had one last chance to stave off defeat by bringing his eformed cavalry back into action. While they did overturn the Cossacks, the remaining Katzian cavalry proved too tough to break. With his cavalry in tatters, the farm lost, and his forces facing overwhelming cavalry numbers, Schwartz reluctantly ordered a retreat.

The river valley.

Forces of Katzenstein.

The light brigade looking for a crossing was not to be.

The first cavalry clash won handily by the Katzian lights.

With the enemy cavalry neutralized, the attack on the farm begins.

Cavalry protect the flank and force the Poo-Boochen infantry to deploy.

Poo-Boochen Cavalry regroup.

The second clash...too little, too late.

The farm attack begins.


Prince Noah's regiment fills in the gap in the center.

Time for a retreat.