Wednesday, November 23, 2011

End of the End

10 May- Count Wilhelm personally takes to the field and leads a combined force of Hippo-Heimer, Keck, and Doft troops in a final bid to destroy the rebels and invading Schluppty-Schlupp forces. As word of the advance spreads, rebels begin to desert the Army of Peace.

19 May- The Katzian host, fresh from the victory against Poo-Boochen in the South, trecks North to put further presure on the rebels and their allies. Desertions increase and some areas fall into rampant banditry.

1 June- Count Wilhelm announces a general amnesty for all rebels that return to their homes within the week. Over half the rebels desert in the first three days while the remaining ring leaders try to forge the remainder into some kind of fighting force.

9 June- The combined Alliance forces rout a rebel divison along the Iller River road. On the same day, Schlupp forces begin retreating towards the border.

14 June- The Katzain army arrives before Gwernhoff to find the Schlupp rear guard and an odd lot of rebels arrayed for battle. The rebels have taken too the field when they found the dilapidated defenses of the town would not stand a seige.

15 June- Battle of Gwernhoff---to be fought with the Die Fighting rules.