Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peace of Hampton's Crossing

MG Grumm dispatched the light brigade and a regiment of hussars to pursue Schwartz's retreating command towards the border while moving the rest of the division to block the enemy lines of communication coming from Farthing Ford at the small river bridge of Hampon's Crossing. Burning the bridge and covering the downstream ford with entrenched troops and cannon, he patiently waited the oncoming Poo-Boochen forces. The dispirited enemy arrived the next afternoon to find their retreat route blocked. Initially deploying for battle, a flag of truce soon appeared prompted by the sounds of combat from the rear guard just a few miles North.

Trapped, Marshal Von Saxe of Poo-Boochen asked for terms and the campaign in the South came to an end.

The Peace of Hampton's Crossing-

- All Poo-Boochen forces would withdraw from the Grand Duchy in seven days.
- The main army would march out with honors of war.
- The border fort would be handed over on the third day.
- All Poo-Boochen forces would be removed from the Groening district along the border except for a single regiment of infantry and two squadrons of cavalry to keep the peace.
- Poo-Boochen would pay an indemnity of six million to the Grand Duchy and a further two million to Katzenstein.
- Poo-Boochen would raise a force of 10,000 men for independant action against the Barony of Schluppity-Schlup within six months.

The campaign in the North is still to be decided.