Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Round Up and 2012 Plans

A great year of painting and gaming. Completed my second Imagi-Nation campaign along with some skirmish games.

I brought four projects to maturity:
Katzenstein (horse and musket imagi-nation)
Krasnovia (modern imagi-nation)
Song of the Splintered Lands (animals)
Starmada (space ships)

These join the Flames of War project as generally complete.

Focus for 2012 will be on the ancients imagi-nation and sci-fi skirmish.

Other big tasks include painting a large batch of middle east buildings and texturing the bases on my painted figures. I also want to try making some scatter terrain to liven up the table.

I plan to attend the three HMGS conventions including a four day stay at Historicon. I played my first two convention games at Fall In 2011 and had lots of fun.

I posted the following three goals for 2011 last December:
Overall Plans:
1- Attend the 3 HMGS conventions ---- ACCOMPLISHED

2- Spend less- focus on accessories vs lead and terrain --- FAILED, I did buy less figures and I have cut down my lead stock...but I spent way to much money, especially on terrain (buildings). Will work to do better this year...figure purchases will be kept under control until I finish painting the figures on hand.

3- Complete several projects before starting any new ones --- ACCOMPLISHED

2011 Painting Points
J: 72
F: 196
M: 111
A: 85
M: 89
J: 98
J: 102
A: 66
S: 0
O: 133
N: 42
D: 39
2011 Total: 1013

2010 Total: 1389
2009 Total: 441

- Decide on a rule set...the pending Pulse of Battle is in the lead
- Begin unit a month is a good target

Sci Fi
- Paint all on hand figures
- Continue to expand...will make a round of purchases when done all on hand are done
- Begin looking at vehicles

- Paint all buildings
- Put together the paper terrain I bought at Fall In 2011
- Build 12 terrain pieces (fields, rough)

---I am planning a small expansion to the Katzenstein project. I painted up 3 white coated regiments as a semi-autonomous religious state and I want to expand the force since I liked the figures, I liked the simple white paint scheme, and I can't help myself from buying more figures.
- 1 Line Regiment
- flag bearers for existing 3 regiments
- 1 Grenadier Regiment
- 1 Light Regiment
- 1 light cav (Cossack) regiment
- 1 Horse Grenadier regiment
- 1 arty battery

- Ottomans ???

- 12 misc generals/colonels

Other Projects
- No plans for the other projects except to play more games

Future Projects- don't start any new projects in 2012! For 2013...
- 6mm Napoleonics and/or Civil War
- Pirates, figures already on hand
- Wild West