Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ziva: Sci fi imagi-planet

2012 will see lots of work on my sci-fi figures. I have all the on hand figures painted or primed ready for the next three months.

Once these are done, I will get the second round of figures and work on them as I start my ancients.

I have dubbed this project..."Ziva".

Got in my first two games with the figures I have painted so far...the first was a solo game and the second on the same board with my son.

Game 1:
A squad of Ripley Corporation reaction corps troopers (Khurasan Exterminators) is headed to investigate reports of a shuttle crash near a local settlement in the green zone. The shuttle crew survived and has taken refuge in the settlement. A nearby tribe of Chewks (Khurasan Chewks) is hell bent on capturing the crew for ransom and especially getting their hands on the droid they spotted.

Things go south for the squad as they quickly suffer some losses including the squad leader. Luckily the shuttle crew holds off a Chewk charge and manages to wait out the attacks.

Shuttle crew takes cover...burning shuttle behind the hill in the back.

Rescue squad moves into position.

Long way to the objective...area looks clear.

Ambush...charge to take the hill!

Enemy mortar fire on target.

Chewk machinegun suppresses the settlement.

Casualties mount on both sides.

Can they be saved?

Man down!

More Chewks attack from the North.

But can't make much of an impact.

With their support weapon taken out,

The Chewks retreat to fight another day.

Game 2: ---battery dies on the camera for this one
My son placed a squad (Khurasan Corporate Marines) in the settlement and I used a squad (Khurasan Control Battalion) to attack him. Four of the shuttle crew from the 1st game would attack us both.

Despite some bad activation rolls (we were using Flying lead rules) I got troops in a position to overwatch the settlement and used my armed drone to intimidate the enemy.

My son called in an evac shuttle and charged out with a small team (reinforced by two allied Chewks he claimed were para-Chewked in to help) only to be met with a wall of fire. [This little incident will provide some fodder for my campaign...who is arming the Chewks and why have they become allies?]

Called it quits at this point with heavy losses.