Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 2012

December focus was on finishing up a few figures to get ready to start my imagi-nation ancients in 2013.

The new Hexon terrain arrived and it is very nice.


34 x modern figures (Insurgents and survivors): 34 Points

4 x Song of the Splintered Lands Bears: 4 Points

25 x British Infantry (engineers, mortars, and machineguns): 25 points

20 x US and British vehicles: 40 points

TOTAL: 103

Insurgents and survivors

I am 75% done rebasing the Flames of War figures to individual bases for IABSM (more bases on order).

Stated on the Germans (Panzer Grenadiers, MGs, pioneers). Need to get primer for the German vehicles, but I did put them all together.

Two pics of a battle my son set up. I like the hilltop helo base.

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