Wednesday, December 26, 2012

IABSM - First outing for the British infantry

Christmas vacantion has allowed me to get in a game of I Ain't Been Shot Mum using my new British infantry company on the new Hexon terrain boards.

The scenario calls for a British advance on a German defensive line centered on two farm houses covering a second line behind the river. The Brits are supported by a US weapons platoon (since my British MGs and mortars are waiting on bases).

Still learning the rules, but things flowed well. Have to re-read the use of mortars and smoke. Loved using my custom cards with the picture of my dog on the other side.

Germans lost 25 casualties and both primary objectives but never used the troops in the 2nd defense line...dropping this to a marginal British victory.

British casualties: 21 total (7 dead, 5 heavy wounded, 9 light wounded)
1st Platoon: 6 dead, 4 heavy wounded, 2 light wounded
2nd Platoon: 1 dead, 5 light wounded
3rd Platoon: 1 heavy wounded, 2 light wounded

1st Platoon makes it across the field to the hedge line before drawing MG fire from the house on the hill.

The house on the hill is a key position but the objective is the house by the road.

1st Platoon is ready but the support platoon is not yet in position.

They start taking casualties from the MG in the stone farmhouse on the hill.

When a German squad starts firing from the left flank.

Return fire drops one of the Germans (most ofmy figures are now single based).

1st Platoon jumps the gun and starts to attack before effective smoke obscures the MG in the house. Casualties are heavy.

Only one squad makes it to the cover of the hill by the time the smoke covers the front.

A German squad tries to hit the isolated squad in close combat but are defeated with heavy losses. The attack does make 1st Platoon combat ineffective.

Meanwhile, 2nd Platoon has advanced on the left flank and entered the woods after flushing the lone German squad.

3rd Platoon makes a rapid march under cover of the smoke to continue the attack through the shot-up 1st Platoon.

There were a few tense turns as 3rd Platoon raced to cross the open ground before the smoke dissapated.

They would get lucky and only lose one man in the crossing.

2nd Platoon ran into heavy fire by the second objective but overcame the enemy with a combination of fire and maneuver.

One squad was forced back after charging in, but it was enough to put pressure on the German flank.

3rd Platoon took the house on the hill after the MG and mortar fire from the support platoon finished off the defending MG-42 team.

Then they captured the objective by the road to force the Germans to retreat.

As Regiment sent in some air support to suppress the enemy across the river.

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