Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

Good start on the imagi-nation ancients project. Also got to play the first games of Starmada and Song of the Splintered Lands.

148 x ancients: 148 points

Have the next 4 units primed and ready.

1 x Starmada
1 x Song of the Splintered Lands

In March, besides attending the Cold Wars convention, I will finish the WW2 German vehicles and guns if I can find the spray primer. I also want to base the ancients figures I bought already painted.

At the convention, my son and I plan to play games of Fireball Forward, Check Your 6, Tomorrow's War, and anything else we can fit in.

I have a shopping list with some supplies, but only miniatures I plan to get are some planes for CY6.

I was doing well on my plan to spend less this year ($8 until the last day of the month!)...but just pre-ordered a bunch on new Miniature Building Authority items...and they are not cheap!

Here are my ancients units so far:

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