Monday, February 11, 2013

First Song of the Splintered Lands Battle

My son and I played the first game using the great Song of the Splintered Lands animal figures from Splintered Light Miniatures. Rules are based on Song of Blades and Heroes from Ganesha Games.

These are my favorite figures...see my earlier post about giving away a few of my unpainted samples.
The figures are often based on characters from Brian jaques REDWALL series of books...we are watching the cartoon series together and I am reading the 20 books in the series.

The scenario called for two opposing forces to seach the woods for two idols (Zuni Indian fetishes I got from my inlaws for Christams). The idols are protected by some very unpredictable bear warriors that could join either side or remain neutral.

The battleground

His hare warriors advanced in two groups vs the rats and weasels

A hare prepares for a bold jumping attack against one bear guarding the otter epic fail would see the hare squashed by the mallet wielding bear...and then put in the stew pot

A bear joined the hares on the other side of the field and caused havoc amongst the weasels

The first kill in the game saw this weasel whacked by the mace weilding bear

The rats finally get organized and take the otter idol

The last weasel (I named him Jorge) fights against the odds

Despite lossing their leader, the rats escape with an idol

Jorge the Weasel lasts for a while and takes out 2 of his 4 attackers before falling

End game...we called it a draw since the rats escaped with one idol and a hostile bear guarded the last idol (the badger) despite the rats/weasels taking heavier casualties