Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Battle at Mining Camp-77

After weeks of sabre rattling over alleged Vistula League encroatchment into Moskova claimed lands, a platoon of Moskova infantry forcibly evicted an independant mining group from Camp 77. Vistula troops rapidly responded by moving through the rough terrain North of the camp to catch the defenders unaware. They advanced with two squads led by a recon team, with the 3rd squad in reserve.

The defending Moskova section was broken into 3 teams spread throughout the camp. Another section was South of the camp on the way back from escorting the detained miners to a border patrol post.

The sharp eyed Moskova troops detected movement in the woods to the North and along the ridge. Both sides traded heavy fire but the Moskova troops came off worse despite killing one VL soldier with a heavy missle.

The VL troops qickly bounded up through the scattered mining equipment to eliminate all three defending teams. They spotted enemy reinforcements approaching from the Southern woods. Taking up positions in all three buildings, the VL troops poured heavy fire into the approaching Moskova squad taking down a few and forcing the rest to quickly break contact.

With the camp back in VL hands, the diplomatic resolution to free the detained miners was now a viable option. Having a large batch of Moskova POWs will serve as a nice bargaining chip. Luckily, the VL response at the camp came before the camp could be rigged for destruction. The high casualty count has also drawn unwanted Imperial attention too the disputed sector.

VL losses came to 1 KIA (PFC Stanislaw Hynoski) and 3 Light Wounded.

Moskova casualties totaled 3 KIA, 9 Heavy Wounded (7 POW), 9 Light Wounded (7 POW), 1 unwounded POW. Total POW: 15, ironically the 1 unwounded POW was the missle launcher that killed Hynoski.

The camp looking from the VL approach.

Recon team moves up to contact.

Moskova fireteam in the main building.

Recon team advances through the industrial equipment and takes down an enemy team.

2nd Moskova squad arrives and moves in through the trees.

VL troops retake all three buildings.

Then catch the advancing enemy in a deadly crossfire.

Good game with Tomorrows War. Fairly evenly matched sides with the VL outnumbering the defenders and having the recon team rated as elite (D10). Had some great die rolling on the VL side even after they were detected advancing on the first move.

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