Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013

A great month for wargaming. My son and I attended Cold Wars and got in a bunch of games including Check Your 6, Tomorrows War, and Fireball Forward.

Also made good painting progress including painting all 18 figures I got at the convention and finishing the German WW2 vehicles.

The imagi-ancients project is coming along very well. I should finish all on hand figures in the next two months.

Looking at making some bocage in April...resourcing my materials now.

18 x sci-fi figures: 18 points
6 x WW2 guns: 6 points
15 x WW2 vehicles: 30 points
84 x imagi-ancients: 84 points

TOTAL: 138 points

Tomorrows War x 2 (one at home)
Check Your 6 x 2
Fireball Forward x 1

Space Bears - love these guys

Space civies

Last of the German vehicles

The full German lot
Unarmored warriors

Looks like a nice horde
I used foil from a yogurt top to make two flags. Worked well.