Saturday, November 29, 2014

Golden Idol stolen!

A clutch of savage Woodland Squatches snuck in and stole the Golden Idol right out from under a bunch of drunken Elves. While the Elves continued their merry-making the next day, a force of Human and Dwarven warriors set out to find the prized treasure.

Meanwhile, the infamous Mind Flayer sorcerer scryed the woodlands and discovered the Squatch camp.  He sent a host of Dark Elves, Goblins, Orcs and foul Undead to capture the relic.

Both armies approach the camp at dawn, determined to claim the most valuable item in the land.

Forces of good on the left, forces of darkness on the right

The first clash is a heavy cavalry exchange won by the human knights vs the Dark Elf raptor riders; The The Dark Elves would not perform well today

Another victory for the Kingdom forces...trained bowmen supported by men-at-arms see off the fierce Orc scorpion riders on the central hill.

Goblin scouts spot the Squatch camp and begin raining arrows on the poor beasts.

Clash of the heavy cavalry...the Dark Elves rout shortly after.

Skeleton heavy cavalry rush forward to give the Dwarves a rough time.

While the Maiden Guard and Miners protect the left flank from approaching Undead.

The central hill is still far the battle could swing either way.

Then the Goblin archers panic the Squatch band...who flee into the approaching Dwarven warriors.

The Dwarves are forces to cut down the panicked creatures giving the Goblins time to snatch the Idol.

Dwarven ballista line up a flank shot on the Undead heavy cavalry...their bolts fly true and send shards of bone scattering across the landscape.

Princess Gelda leads her command forward to crush the Undead. Her troops send many foul creatures back into death.

The Goblin Shaman guides his warriors to safety with the Idol in hand.

Vlad moves his Undead to cover the retreat.

The mighty Dwarven Bear cavalry try to chase the idol.

Closing in...

They smash through more of the seemingly endless supply of skeleton warriors.

But come up just a little too short...the Shaman escapes with the Golden Idol. The forces of darkness gain a hard fought victory.

I fought this game over two days using my home brew fantasy rules. Activation is based on a combination of cards and a command roll...the Dark Elves and the 2 Human commands on the left failed to do much the whole game. The action in the center was fierce...the Goblin Archers were the heroes of the day. They defeated the Squatch warband to take the idol, then held off some Dwarven warriors to allow the Shaman to escape. The Undead suffered severe losses, but they did enough to slow down the Humans and Dwarves. The Bear Riders almost saved the day (although even if they recovered the idol, the ride back would have been tough).
I have some adjustments and refinements to make to the rules. Having fun trying out ideas and adding in rules as events come up.

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