Sunday, November 30, 2014

Throw back post: Welcome to the Confederation of Zaquetta

Found an old draft post from back when I was planning what I thought would be an "imagi-nation" ancients project code named ZAQUETTA. This has morphed after I completed most of the units below to become a fantasy project including the units below in the "City States" and the "Great Kingdom" factions.

The Confederation of Zaquetta is the name of my new Ancients 15mm wargaming project.

This is another imagi-nation project modeled on the likes of my 18/19th century imagi-nation and those made infamous in wargaming circles by Donald Featherstone, Tony Bath, and Charles Grant. I may add a fantasy element to this project too because I like some of the figures I have seen such as the Splintered Light gnomes.

I will create the imaginary world based on a world filled with city-states, once unified (dominated) by a now failing empire modeled on Rome.

I am still deciding on what rules to use. There is an ancients version of Field of Battle coming in the future, and I like the Pride of Lions rules from Splintered Light.

I have a batch of painted figures I bought off E-Bay to use as the enemy untill I get enough units painted.

My first unit is Slingers. I just love the concept of the sling, always have. Blame it on David and Goliath. Just read an interesting article in Ancient Warfare magazine about the power of the sling.

This is another 15mm project. I have purchased all the figures for my initial order of battle. The figures come from:

Trey Corbies
Splinterred Light
Viking Forge

My standard is for units of 24 infantry, 12 light infantry, and 12 cavalry.

The planned order of battle to get me started is below:

24 x Guard Infantry
24 x Levy Spear
24 x Pict Spear
24 x Pict Spear
24 x African Spear
24 x Armored Hoplite
24 x Unarmored Hoplite
24 x British Warband
24 x Fanatic Gaul Warband
24 x Female Irish Warband
24 x Egyptian Axe
24 x Sea People Warband
12 x British Javelin
12 x Pict Javelin
12 x Female Irish Skirmishers
12 x Balderic Slingers
12 x Persian Archers

12 x Guard Cavalry
12 x Maiden Guard Cavalry
12 x Heavy Greek Cavalry
12 x Numidian Javelin Cavalry
12 x Archer Cavalry

4 x Chariots
4 x Elephants

Each of the nationalities of the figures will be pulled from a city-state or region. The main city is Zaque, ruled by a warrior queen and her army of fierce celtic women.

Zaque: (Irish)
Phila: (Greek)
Connery: (Picts)
Nutis: (Numidian)
Barca: (Carthaginians)
Albano: (British)
Irannia: (Persian)
Phombay: (Indian)
Atlantica: (Sea People)
Nilus: (Egyptian)
Gato: (Balderic)
Franka: (Gauls)
Latalia: (Rome)

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