Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 2015

Good progress on the painting front. I also hit 7 years back in the hobby this month.

35 x 15mm fantasy figures: 35 points
31 x 28mm pulp figures: 62 points
Total: 97 points

On the table: 300 pirates/civilians, 6 pulp figures (on the way)

1 fantasy game with "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" rules. Another game set on the table for next month. I also want to get in a Pulp Alley game in December.

$50 this month--- splurged on some pulp figures and cards for Pulp Alley
Total for the year: $2759
Budget: $584 under budget for the year.
Plan: I am planning to keep remaining spending to less than $100 per month to close the year...down from my original $150/month plan. New target is less than $3000 (originally $3600) total for the year That will be a 40% reduction from 2014! Plus I sold $400 worth of figures.

4th Quarter Plans:
1- Finish 1/4 of the Pirates in October- Done
2- Pulp Figures in November- Done; but I bought 6 more figures to be finished in Dec.
3- Fantasy Samurai in December- Done (in November)
---Remaining December plan: 6 pulp figures and another batch (about 100) of the pirates.

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