Sunday, November 15, 2015

Steadfast Dwarves

While the seemingly endless wars over possession of the Golden Idol have taken a brief pause, all is not right in the world. The Overlord has taken an opportunity to launch a quick strike to destroy a Dwarven border post.

With my hobby motivation renewed (good painting progress for the month already), I took an opportunity to get a fantasy game of Bear Yourselves Valiantly on the table. These rules are from the Look Sarge, No Charts stable...I have enjoyed their fantasy, ancients, and WW2 games at conventions.
I played without the base labels (used a roster), made my own dice, and kept my units in their standard 4 x 40mm configuration (the game calls for 3" wide units). I fiddled with movement a little to compensate, and I increased the ranged combat distances.

A very fun game...ran quickly, decisive results, and the combination of card activation and special dice are perfect for adding drama to my solo games. I think I will get the Elves on the table next.

This was a smaller game than I usually play since it was a learning game. I do need to read the rules again as I am sure I missed a few items.

Honors for the game go to the Dwarven Clan Warriors that launched the early attack that forced six Skeleton units into retreat!

Dwarves defending the border against an undead legion. Reinforcements are on the way.

Skeletons on the right, Zombies in the middle, and the elite undead on the left for a flank attack.

The King is on the way lead by the bear mounted cavalry.

Pick these up if you can....don't be fooled by the no charts things...they are very well done.

Not a good start to the attack, a brave Dwarf clan shrugs off some arrows and launches a counter attack. The Skeleton archers fall back disrupting the whole line...leading to a failed morale role that sends the entire command in retreat. I think of undead retreating as more of a loss of necromantic power that must be re-asserted (rallied).

The Zombies are trying to bash through the center.

I used a "horde" rule...+1 for every additional unit, and Zombies don't retreat...the losses are applied to the back unit until it is destroyed. The Dwarves hold the line with crossbowmen supporting from the tower.

I think The Overlord is going to turn this Necromancer into a Zombie...the whole command is in retreat,

Zeds are falling, but they keep on coming.

The Chaos Warriors defeated the first line, but the ballistae are tearing holes in the Zombies. 

On the left flank, Skeletal Knights crush one Dwarven band and breakthrough to cause havoc.

This draws in the Dwarven reserves as the Bear Mounted Warriors meet the Vampire Thralls and Spectres...Dwarves lose.

But counter charge to hold the line.

After their initial success, the Knights throw back the Dwarven Berserkers, only to get hit with massed crossbow fire.

And then destroyed by the Berserkers' counter-charge.

The Dwarves have stiffened the line since there is no longer any threat from the enemy right wing.

The Chaos Warriors head for home, leaving the Zombies to cover the retreat.

The Vampire Lord decides to withdraw with honor,

The Dwarves hold the field.