Friday, June 29, 2018

Green Devils

Sir Miroslav and his hearty band of brave adventurers set off months ago across the Western Sea to search for the lost continent, hidden beyond the mysterious magical mist. After months of hard sailing, massive storms, and days on the doldrums, the explorers sighted land. Carefully moving along the jagged coast, he finally ordered the ship into a small cove surrounded by a low ridge. Disembarking a small expedition on the beach, he returned to the ship to make plans with his trusted advisers.

Meanwhile, several soldiers setup a beach side camp and prepared to search inland for game and fresh water.

Suddenly, a band of green devils advanced through two draws leading down to the camp. Taking up their weapons, the soldiers prepared to defend the camp.

So began the first battle in my Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes campaign using my newly painted wooden warriors. This was a fairly simple game using just the basic figures in each warband.

The goblins advance in two groups while the sentries grab their weapons.

Franc makes first contact, thrusting his spear as the goblin wields a sword and board.

First blood! Franc strikes down the goblin champion, the best fighter in the battle.

Elated, Franc continues his thrashing of the goblins, while Vito shoots arrows to no effect.

A third victory...he is a killing machine. The battle is seemingly over.

Hidgard and two companions press the goblins hard on the other side of the camp.

Dueley drops one and another starts to flee.

Too confident, Talomir falls to a goblin ax. [He is the first figure I painted, of course he goes down easily]

Disaster, Franc falls and the soldiers panic at the reversal of fortunes.

Hidgard "goes for help"...running for the boat.

Grabbing the wounded and abandoning the camp, the soldiers retreat. 
A massive swing of fate. The goblins had better fighters but started by losing three warriors including their best fighter very quickly. The momentum swung and soldiers started dropping. Sir Miroslav will have to rethink how he explores the new lands...and the loss of precious supplies is putting the expedition in jeopardy.

Although Talomir was slain, the spearmen Franc and Dueley quickly recovered. Ragnar the javelineer would need a few days to recover from his wounds. Sir Miroslav sends two men to sneak back to the campsite at night to recover Talomir's body. They find the camp looted and burned, scavenging a few odds and ends that the goblins missed. They return to the ip to bury their friend at sea and plan for the next landing. (Post battle I rolled "corpse" on the exploration table...and then rolled a 1 on the 1d6x5 gold).

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