Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wooden Warriors

First batch set of fantasy adventurers/explorers. I am working on their first opponents, a tribe of goblins. Goal is to finish them this month and start gaming in July before Historicon.

My vision for this project is a hex crawl exploration game in which the explorers seek to colonize a new land...running into all sorts of trouble along the way.

I am thinking about three sets of rules, and I will try them all:
1- Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
2- Savage Worlds
3- Pulp Alley

The inspiration for this project came from the fantastic work at:

While researching for this project, I also came across some folks gaming with Lego figures...very intriguing with the customization options and the 3rd party accessories being made.

My first scenario will be with ASOBH as the explorers have just set up camp on the beach of the new lands...time to start exploring inland.

Sir Miroslav, Baron of Otterford, and his stalwart company of explorers

Sir Miroslav in the middle, his standard bearer on the left and the mysterious sorceress on the right

Two armored footmen, a levy spearman, and a scout with some javlins

The priestess, two more footmen, another spearman, and an old poacher (archer)

Wait! What is that approaching from behind!

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