Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018

Finished up basing all the on hand 6mm sci fi forces. This makes it a mature project but here are some holes I can fill over the next two years.

Next up...thinking about what to work on next. I have the huge 15mm fantasy pile of two smaller projects. I think I will work on the Wooden Warriors and then the Zombies. This should take me into the Fall and I can decide if I start more finish the 6mm sci fi project, continue the 15mm fantasy project, or begin Project X.

I registered for Historicon in July. At least 6 games in my plans including FOB, Peter's Campaign in a Day, and Combat Patrol.

The whole 6mm sci fi collection

Finished basing the 6mm sci fi collection, but I already took credit for those points
TOTAL: o points

Lots of thoughts...but no gaming :(

$0 for the month