Thursday, November 29, 2018

November 2018

Good progress on another batch of AVBCW figures. I also have the figure on the table ready to play my first game. I want to try playing 3 rule sets:
-Combat Patrol
-Chain of Command
-Force on Force

Re-based these Pulp figures to match the VBCW collection

Members of the River Otter Valley Local Defense Brigade

Plastcraft building...very nice and easy to put together

Interior layout

Game set on the table

Hastily painted BUF legion vehicle...redid it to XI Legion "Dux Arthur" after I took the picture

45 x 28mm VBCW figures: 45 points
1 x building
1x vehicle
Total: 47points

o...1st game of VBCW on the table

$120 on paint/supplies, vehicles and the plastcraft building

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