Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Painting Total

I have made good progress on my imagi-nation army in my first year in thehobby. I completed:
15 x 12-figure infantry units (1 pt ea)
3 x 8-figure cavalry units (2 pt ea)
48 x individual artillerymen (1 pt ea)
10 x mounted generals and personalities (2 pt ea)
10 x dismounted generals and personalities (1 pt ea)
32 x guns (1 pt ea)
103 individual AK47/modern figures. (1 pt ea)
Total Points: 441

I have finished 1 cavalry unit in the new year, and have two more set to bedone over the next two weeks. My target is two units a month plus some of the skirmish project figures . With the lead on hand, I will be caught up in about 14 months. This project will never be done, but I want to be lead neutral next year...paint what I buy each month. I will also be adding the wagons, limbers, caissons, and ambulances I purchased last week to build an army train.

Just finished the 2nd battle of the campaign. Will get the pictures and AAR posted this month. The Katzian forces again won the day, but losses were higher than expected. Once again the Guard Brigade attacked a well defended village and suffered heavy casualties without success. It was the flanking move by light troops on one side, and a sucessful cavalry charge by three regiments on the other flank that won the day.

On the skirmish front, I painted 60 individual AK47/modern figures. I haveabout 100 of the Splintered Light fantasy figures for use with Song of Blades and Heroes, plus a large selection of spaceships for the Starmada rules still to paint. I have also just purchased a batch of pirates to add to my skirmish gaming options.