Friday, January 22, 2010

Continuing the advance

30 May- Major General Van Fleck has ordered the army to rest at Zelanski while supplies and reinforcements are brought forward from Antonsberg. The local church is turned into a makeshift hospital while the farmstead to the West is to be used to hold the three regiments of Doftian infantry that surrendered.

31 May- The Pamplemoose Pass Pandours and the Zoomba-Na-Tant Grenzinfanterieregiment arrived after a forced march. These weary troops will get at least a day’s rest before the advance continues.

01 June- The new month brings not only the Cavalrie Regiment de Pupilles, but a Doftian delegation from Giftzig bearing important news. The town council reports that loyal Doftian troops have taken the main citadel in the city and forced the usurper, Third Consul Kilmarnie, to flee the city with his lackeys from the Kingdom of Didd. While unable to open the harbor entrance due to the Didd battery entrenched in the harbor fort, the delegation offers to end hostilities between the District of Doft and the Kingdom of Katzenstein.

02 June- While Hussar patrols move North to pursue the retreating Didd forces, Major General Van Fleck signs a compact with the Doftian delegation. The compact calls for an immediate armistice, the parole of all Doftian prisoners of war, free passage for Katzian forces as long as the District of Doft is occupied by Kingdom of Didd forces, the issuance of a proclamation condemning Kilmarnie’s coup, and a formal demand for King Derwin of Didd to surrender his invading army.

03 June- The Army of the North marches out of Zelanski towards Antonsberg. Hussar patrols report that a small Didd force has established a rear guard in the defile at Borlington where the river runs between a series of hills. This is the last patch of defensible ground between the army and the great bridge over the River Iller at Kronstadt. Doftian informers report that the Didd army and the small band of misguided Doftian forces still loyal to Kilmarnie are in full retreat towards Kronstadt. The roads are reported clogged with baggage and the looted spoils pillaged from many Doftian farms and villages.

04 June- The incessant rain has stopped, but the local rivers and streams are still significant obstacles to the advance. Major General Van Fleck took the opportunity to promote Major Donald Betterthan to Lieutenant Colonel of the Wha Hoo Hussars for his leadership during the Battle of Zelanski. He also passed on the news that the Guarde De Korps and Boober Bay Uhlans will join the army in the next few days.

05 June- Major General Van Fleck orders two brigades to cross the river to advance on the East side of Borlington as the Army of the North enters the defile. Patrols report several thousand troops in and around the town with a strong battery entrenched on the hill on the East bank of the river. This battery can command the road and the river preventing any discussion of by-passing the position. Major General Van Fleck has made it clear that he wants barge traffic to resume on the river as soon as possible provide better supply to the army.