Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle of Zelanski

The Wha Hoo Hussar patrols identified a strong enemy position around the town of Zelanski. The Hussars quickly moved off the the left flank to search for a way to outflank the position.

The enemy consisted of the Lebron Landwehr on a hill South of the town, the Morris Musketeers defending the town, and the McIntyre Fusiliers entrenched in a farmstead to the North. Two regiments of cavalry were in reserve, and dust clouds in the distance signaled the approach of at least a brigade of Didd troops.

The Flank Guard brigade moved off over the bridge to take the farmstead and threaten the enemy lines of communication.

While the Advanced Guard Brigade engaged the enemy on the hill to fix them in place.

The Guard Brigade prepared for an attack on their nemesis in the town, this time supported by a battery of guns.

The Hussars flank march was to be contested by the remnants of the enemy Dragoons and Carabiniers. Could the Wha Hoo Hussars have better success under their new commander?

The Finnigan Fen Fusiliers lead a brigade to attack the hill top position.

While the battle at the farmstead rages.

Enemy reinforcements in the form of a militia battalion and a regiment of line infantry lead a battery of guns towards the center.

The Lieb Guard attacks the town after the artillery fire proves ineffective. Heavy casualties once again for the Guard! This time Prince Noah keeps his personal guard in reserve.

The Hussars clash with the enemy cavalry and are victorious! This clash will have a major impact on the battle as it will prevent the enemy from reinforcing the hill top position due to the exposed flank.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

The Shutzen and the Salamasond regiments have taken the farmstead. A pincer attack is in the making.

The Dragoons lead the Krock Kavern Kurassiers in a march to join the Hussars, screened by the Feld-Jager.

In the center, three battalions prepare to assualt the hill. The Fusiliers will be held up by the defenders.

Enemy militia line a rail fence between the town and the hill. The 2nd Katzian battery unlimbers and delivers heavy fire into the inexperienced troops.

A second enemy brigade enters the field.

While more Katzian troops head for the farmstead and the bridge beyond.

Pinned in place by the Grenadiers, the Oif Provisional Marines fall on the flank of the Labron Fusiliers, routing them from the hill. This has all been possible because the Hussars have kept an enemy regiment and battery of guns fixed in place.

Now joined by two additional regiments, the Hussars get a well deserved rest.

Flush from victory on the hill, the Eiffelberg Grenadiers charge down-slope and route the militia at teh fence. They are halted however by the Borsch Line Regiment and fire coming from the town.

Brigadier General Van Itch makes a personal appeal to the Herk Heimer Fusiliers to continue their advance. His efforts are in vain as officer casualties have been severe, not a commissioned officer left on his feet.

The combined might of the Katzian cavalry prepare to charge.

Seeing the Katzian forces moving towards the bridge, the enemy brigade wisely moves to protect the line of retreat. [I rolled dice to see if/when they noticed the threat].

The Didd forces would arrive just in ahead of the Katzian attack. With the advantage of a battery of guns, the Didd forces convinced the Katzian commander to call off his attack.

The Krock Kavern Kurrasiers over-ran the enmy battery in the center, while the Dragoons and Hussars saw off the remaining enemy cavalry.

Cut off by the rapid cavalry advance, the militia and the Borsch Line fled into the town.
Rather than risk any more bloodshed, the Katzians halted for the night and sent a delegation under flag of truce to the defenders of Zelanski.
Under the honorable terms of the surrender, the Morris Musketeers, Borsch Line Infantry, and the Doftian Militia would surrender at sunrise and march into captivity with their colors.
A second victory for the Katzian forces, but once again casualties have been heavy.
The cavalry performed admirably, but Prince Noah received a stern rebuke for his callous use of the Guard Brigade in attacked fortified positions.
A notable performance by the Wha Hoo Hussars in defeating the enemy in two charges, including taking the standard of the Doft Dragoons. Surly a promotion is due for their commander. The Oif Provisional Marines also deserve a mention in dispatches for their timly attack into the flank of the hill-top defenders...this taking place just moments before the position was to be reinforced by two additional battalions.