Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Battle of Krondstadt- Prelude

Major General Van Fleck laid out his plans for the morning attack to cut off
the retreating Didd forces at Krondstadt. His strategy of sticking to the
main river line to ensure the bank was clear had now paid off...several new
regiments were just now disembarking at a makeshift quay. Additionally, the
army's baggage train had finally caught up with the advance with two
regiments of light cavalry and the Poozer Pioneers, but no additional
artillery. These are all welcome reinforcements as some regiments have
fallen to almost half strength.

Reorganizing the army the night before the attack could prove risky, but the
commander wanted a strong brigade of grenadiers reinforced by the pioneers
to attack the chapel and walled cemetery in the center of the enemy line.
This brigade would be supported on the right by the newly created
provisional Naval Brigade of two marine battalions, and a provisional
battalion of sailors pulled from the riverboats. The Militia and Landwehr
brigades would form behind this first wave attack. Each flank would have a
brigade of light infantry and a brigade of light cavalry to turn the enemy
flanks and pinch them towards the single bridge over the River Iller. The
brigades of Guard infantry and cavalry are to be held in reserve. The plan
is for a rapid advance on the enemy positions with the intent of causing
panic in the enemy line. If the line can be penetrated, the opposing forces
must certainly surrender as escape over the refugee clogged bridge would
prove impossible.

The chapel mount.

As the dense morning fog begins to burn off, the enemy dispositions become
clear. The first line consists of a strong grenadier contingent in on the
chapel hill, with light infantry protecting the flanks in wooded thickets.
The second line consists of several battalions in line supported by cavalry
and a battery of guns; the Didd right flank anchored on a fortified
farmstead. The remnants of the Doftian forces loyal to Lord Kilmarnie hold
the center of the line. A mass of baggage wagons, camp followers, and
refuges loyal to Lord Kilmarnie are slowly trudging towards the bridge and
safety in the Kingdom of Didd. The far bank is also alive with more infantry
and a strong battery in a redoubt overlooking the fields just north of the

The Didd right flank protected by militia and two regiments of light cavalry.

Lord Kilmarnie and his loyal Guards defending the customs house in front of the bridge.

The baggage train and refugees moving towards the bridge.

The hilltop battery.
The Katzian Army of the North, poised to attack.