Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Battle of Krondstadt - Part 1

As the morning fog began to burn off, the defending Didd forces could see the mass of advancing Katzian troops. Skirmishers began to engage the DiddGrenadiers de Bose defending the chapel mount and adjacent walled cemetery.Meanwhile, The Katzian light troops began to clear the woods on both flanks, supported by light cavalry.

The Grenadier Brigade prepares to attack.

As the grenadiers were breaking the center of the enemy's first line of resistance, the light brigades on each flank quickly put the defending militia to flight. These ill-trained troops were no match for the Herk-Heimer Fusiliers on the left flank and the Pamplemoose Pass Pandours on the right. To add to the enemy discomfort, the Boober Bay Uhlans and the Wha Hoo Hussars put the enemy Lancers de Saxe to flight after a brief melee along the banks of the shallow stream.

The Cossacks and Mamalukes support the infantry to their front.

Unexpectedly, and before any kind of preliminary bombardment, four battalions of troops moved forward in a massive attack on the chapel mount. Three battalions of grenadiers and the Poozer Pioneer Regiment emerged from behind the skirmishers and assaulted the strong defenses. The defending Grenadiers de Bose poured heavy fire into the thickly packed attackers, forcing the Eiffelberg Grenadiers to halt and return fire. As the chapel caught fire, the Pioneers finally made a breach in the cemetery wall to allow the Gwark Isle and Gekko Grotto Grenadier Regiments to evict the de Bose.

The Didd Grenadiers de Bose retreat as the chapel burns.

The Grenadier Brigade reforms North of the hill.

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