Friday, May 14, 2010

The Battle of Krondstadt - Part 2

Pressing forward on the right, the light brigade put pressure on the flank of the enemy second line, while the flank guard brigade moved forward to bring the enemy under fire on the left. Disheartened by the rapid collapse of the first line, the enemy line infantry battalions began to waiver under accurate skirmish fire. Sensing that their escape route was rapidly clogging with the retreating baggage and refugees, not to mentions the fleeing remnants of the first line, several line battalions began to fall back.

The Feld-Jaeger stealthily move into the woods.

The Jannisaries occupy the hill on the right flank.

The Naval Brigade advances slowly in the center.

The action becomes general across the front.
The Didd line begins to break.

The 11th Line Regiment set fire to the farmstead on the flank, and began to fall back under the cover of the gun battery on the hill across the river. Sensing blood, the Loyal Mamalueks impetuously charged into the retreating  infantry. Fleeing for their lives before the frenzied horsemen, the infantry led the cavalry right into the lines of the userpers Guards. Disrupted by the cavalry charge, the Guards fell back a few hundred paces and reformed while the Mamalueks tried to rally among the village just South of the bridge.

In an effort to save the faltering flank, and to cut off the victorious Mamelukes, the Didd Montbatten Cuirassier surged forward only to be met by the Prax Prairie Cossacks in their majestic blue. Surprised by the boldness of the light cavalry, and taken at the walk by the Cossacks Lances, the Cuirassiers were overthrown and soon found themselves forced to surrender. The sight of the heavy cavalry falling to a band of disorganized Cossacks was too much for the last defending unit on the Didd right, and the 41st Line
surrendered to the Nantaket Wilds Regiment thinking the bridge had been taken.