Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Round up and plans for the year ahead

I have passed the 6 year mark in the hobby since I started painting my imagi-nation figures while deployed in Iraq.

Plans for 2015:
1- PIRATES! I have about 400 pirates, sailors, crewmen, and civilians and 4 ships. Get these done before Historicon. All primed and ready to go.

2- Texture the bases on the imagination figures...need to get off my butt and get this done. I figure this is about 12 hours of work.

3- Attend Historicon. I especially want to get in another zombie game with my son, and a pulp game with the Pulp Alley rules. I don't think I will be able to attend Cold Wars this year (and Historicon 2016 is in doubt) due to switching positions at work and professional education requirements.

4- Cut spending by at least 20%.

5- Make small additions to existing projects as the fancy bites. Some sci-fi skirmish figures might be in order. I usually get a taste for something at the we will wait and see.

6- Fantasy Rules. Although I keep searching just because I like reading rule books, the Piquet/Pulse of Battle/Hostile Realms rules meet my needs. I am going to pull the elements together into a single document and finish stating up all the fantasy units. Also make a custom card deck.

7- Consider the next project...6mm sci-fi set at a company per base is the leading candidate....28mm Pulp has also caught my eye. So many options to choose from!

8- Manage the lead mountain. The pirates are all primed and ready, the Phase II Demonworld fantasy figures are stashed for the future, and a very small batch of 6mm sci-fi figures are in the ready drawer. The fantasy figures are part of a long range plan...for everything else, my goal is to paint any new figures within a year.

Review of Plans for 2014:

1- Lots of figures still on hand for the fantasy project...will keep this at the priority for the year
---Then buy next batch. Focusing on one manufacturer at a time.
o Done! Finished all the figures I planned to get done plus some other purchases. I still have a huge box (99 packs) of Demonworld figures I bought for cheap...but they will be part of the next phase of the fantasy project.

2- Texture the bases on the imagi-nation figures
o Not done...procrastinated again...moved to 2015.

3- Update the blog with links and followed blogs
o Done, updated things over the Thanksgiving weekend.

4- Small additions to existing projects...keeping each to about a week's work and finishing them as they are bought. Expect about a months worth of painting.
o Done...added some sci fi figures and a few aircraft. Helps to mix things up a little bit.

5- Attend Historicon and Cold Wars
o Attended both conventions with my son. Plan on attending both next year as well.

6- Spend less than in 2013...need major work on this goal.
o Cut spending by 15%. The conventions are the biggest expenses and I include the hotel/food/travel costs in my hobby total. The Demonworld figure purchase was also a big chunk of the spending...but well worth it for about 65% off retail...and I will be able to sell some of the excess.

7- Start Pirates project
o Pushed to 2015. Two e-bay purchases of fantasy figures pushed these a few months.

2014 Painting
J: 96
F: 266
M: 133
A: 117
M: 113
J: 230
J: 49
A: 118
S: 196
O: 131
N:  123
D: 136

2014: 1708
2013: 1990
2012: 1119
2011: 1013
2010: 1389
2009: 441

Zaquetta (fantasy): Phase 1 is done... 150+ units! I have a big batch of Demonworld figures on hand and there are so many nice ranges on the market. This will be the lifetime project...I can always return to add units. I plan to purchase and paint all the selected figures from one company at a time to keep building up my armies.

Zombies: (slow burn project) Started with a small batch of zombies and I can use many of the modern/sci-fi armed figures and civilians. This is a backburner project designed for playing with my son. We had a great game of Mein Zombie at Historicon and plan to sign up in the future at each convention.

WW2: A mature project. Will pick up an occasional British or German unit or vehicle.

Air Combat: A mature project: This was an unplanned addition in 2013 after my son and I played some games of Check Your 6 at Cold Wars. Have a small collection of US and Japanese planes. Bought two hex mats for the table and added a few planes this year. No planned additions right now but I do like float planes!

Katzenstein (imagi-nation): A mature project. Added a little this year and have a few more units I would like to build. Need to texture all bases and make a decision on selling my OPFOR. Could have a long range addition to add some generic enemy units.

Krasnovia (modern skirmish) and Ziva (sci-fi): A mature project. This has morphed and merged with the Ziva project. Basically it is one big individually mounted 15mm skirmish project with any sized force from squad to company. I have had a renewed interest in small skirmishes since getting the Five Parsecs from Home rules.

Splintered Lands:  A mature project. My favorite miniatures. I am reading all of the Redwall books. Will add any new figures they produce.

Starmada: A mature project. Sold off the ships I bought already painted. No planned additions.

Terrain: added the last of the boccage. Have a big set of trees coming from a kickstarter that is now 2 years overdue. Next additions will come with future projects...possible 6mm sci-fi.


Not that I need any more projects, but these are some ideas I have for the future. (in general order of current interest)

Pirates: Hitting the table in 2015.

MicroArmor or 6mm sci-fi: Interested in 6mm for larger games...could be sci-fi or WW2. Sci-fi is leading right now.  The Look Sarge, No Charts rules got me interested, but I also like the Strike Legion rules.

Pulp: A new interest...have never played, but reading the Pulp Alley forums has me interested.

A Very British Civil War: Love the though of developing my own forces and the alternate history. Would be a 28mm project that comes with it's own terrain headaches.

Wild West: Still a possibility, but only after the Pirates get done.

Civil War: Considering 6mm.

Napoleonics: Considering 6mm.

Gladiators: would go 28mm with a custom built arena if I take the plunge.

Slaughterloo/Flintloque: love the figures, but not my preferred scale.

Spencer Smith Imagi-nation: I still think about starting another imagi-nation (larger scale).

Model Casting: Considering trying out my hand with casting my own figures from molds.

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