Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pulp Alley

Just when I thought I would only focus on the Pirate Project...along comes some more great AARs on the various forums using Pulp Alley rules. Of course I bought the PDFs and tried out a game using my 15mm sci-fi figures I had already set up for a trial battle with Brink of Battle rules (I have an addiction).

Loads of fun! The game came down to the wire in the last turn and my "league" lost 4 points to 2 (I played solo but had designed "my" force with more care.

I need to re-read the rules as I know I made several mistakes. I used the simple "smash and grab" scenario but I can see the great potential with these rules.

My force consisted of Red Nate (leader), Eli the Ape (sidekick), Belle (ally), Jacob (ally), Clive (ally) and Tong (ally). My leader had the commander trait so I got extra "slots" to fill out the league. I played them as a down on their luck space trader crew...real original, I know!

The opposition was a local gangster and his hired guards. He was more of a thinking man with lower physical skills, and the goons were all generally combat types.

The mission was to secure the four mechanics (minor plot points) at a workshop outside the town and to get the crates of critical (major plot point) space ship parts.

An force comes on from the left in three pairs. The gangster's force from the right spread evenly.

After Tong exchanged gunfire with an enemy to no success as they raced towards one of the startled mechanics, Nate stepped up and gunned him down with a blaze of fire.

On the other side of the shop, another mechanic freely goes with the gangster's man.

Eli tries to convince the female mechanic to come with him and gets a bottle smashed on his head. I played this point wrong in the rules...he should not have been injured when he failed...but it makes for a better story this way!

In the main shop, a thug secures the crates and prepares for a getaway.

One of the goons strays too close to the fuel tank and gets knocked out by a falling ladder (failed a peril).

Clive puts his marksman skills to work and drops a thug escorting a mechanic through the bushes...saves one point in the game.

Nate trades fire with the enemy...he drops the gangster to make the plot point contested...but the gangster gets the last move and picks it up (for 3 points) after trading peril cards with Nate.
Six turns went by quickly. Nate and his crew earned a "gear" and a "contacts" bonus for holding 2 plot points. Eli took a wound and Belle got knocked out by falling debris in the garage.

This whole adventure could open up a Pandora's box project...I will try to resist for a while so I get the pirates painted (they can also be used with the Pulp Alley rules). I have painted 6 pigs and started on 24 Government Soldiers for the Pirate Project.

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