Monday, January 19, 2015

Second Pulp Alley Game

The Junior General had a fiend spend the night. He has played miniatures games with us before and asked for another...I broke out the 15mm sci-fi figures for my second game with Pulp Alley rules.

Each of our gangs (6 figures each) had to capture two plot points and then get to the drop ship. JG and his friend started out in a fire fight before trying to team up and stop me...too late!

The rules are lots of fun...using the fortune/challenge cards bring many unexpected events into play. I have broken down and purchased some 28mm pulp figures...only 3 weeks into the new year and I have a new project in the mix.

Mission to steal the drop ship

Obi-Wan takes on Junior General's leader

My mercenary aliens grab the booster rocket

JG and his friend exchanged fire...ignoring the plot point objectives

JG's friend lost four guys trying to get the engine parts from the scrap heap

A clean win for Obi-Wan and his crew