Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Lack of motivation hits me again. I changed positions at work on short notice and my professional education requirements have me scrambling to find my painting mojo.

The Pirate project is underway...but I just can't seem to get rolling. I will persevere but may shift my target from 6 months to completion to making this a year long task.

I have been distracted by a foray into Pulp gaming with Pulp Alley rules. I have used 15mm sci-fi figures for the first two games, but I have the 9 x 28mm figures below primed (with gesso for the first time).

24 x 15mm figures: 24 points
6 x 15mm pigs: 6 points
TOTAL: 30 points

2 x Pulp games

9 Figures
$215 spent on figures, rules, supplies; $65 over budget

Government troops (Governor's Guard)...and some pigs

1st of the pulp figures

Base camp son is reading Five Years to Freedom