Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 2011

Slow start on painting this month as I was not very motivated to paint my baggage train (hate painting horses). Got them done by the end of the month.

(2) ambulances, (4) limbers, (4) caissons, (3) wagons: 13 points
(17) figures for the baggage train: 17 points
(55) horses for the baggage train: 55 points

TOTAL: 85 points

The Imagi-Nation Project Phase I is complete! Will take a break from it for the rest of the year and re-evaluate early in 2012.

Gaming --- Great month for gaming
-Flying Lead game
-1st and 2nd games in the Imagi-nation campaign
-Flames of War battle

May Plans:
1) Space Ships
2) Splintered Lands figures...4 groups primed
Want to get these done over next two months and move onto finishing my modern skirmish figures in June.

Fighting the urge to paint my ancients. Been reading Simmon Scarrow's "Centurian" series and started playing Rome: Total War on the PC.

Some pictures from the Flying Lead game with my son. He was on the objective (retrieving the oil drums) but ran his HMMWV up to fast and crashed. I then took the building a slaughtered the crew plus retreating fire team. Called it at that point and set up a new game.
Objective in the building with the smokestack.

All female fire team moves up.

The fateful HMMWV acceleration.

A new set up for the next battle.
I have the main table 6'x8' in the back room (unfinished) of the basement, but set up a table in the finished portion for games and a second table for Memior 44.