Sunday, May 22, 2011

Campaign Progress

15 October- Katzian forces re-open the Iller to traffic after capturing the Glupp battery at the Battle of South Bend.

17 October- Katzian forces lift the siege of Curfu by winning a narrow victory against Poo-Boochen troops at the Battle of Sander's Fork. MG McPhail has commuted the sentances of six members of the Dookle's Deserter Battalion for their valiant service in the recent battle. He also promoted two cadets from the Roover River Academy to replace officer's lost in the Bumm Ridge Flanquers.

20 October- Breaking the string of Alliance victories, Schlupp troops and their allied Hippo-Heimer rebels manauver around the Hippo-Heimer forces near Gwerhof. The Hippo-Heimer forces retreat in good order during the night and march to take up positions on the East bank of the grand canal.

26 October- LTG Von Stroodel sends a small force to occupy the hill town of Potterford in anticipation of a general advance North into Hippo-Heimer.

01 November- The first snow of the year greets the forces fighting in Hippo-Heimer.The sudden storm dumps almost a foot of snow on the land to add to the misery of the campaigning troops and the war weary Hippo-Heimer population. The Spring floods and the disruption to the Fall harvests are sure to make for a long Winter. The engaged forces must now decide to continue the campaign in the freezing weather or to seek Winter quarters.