Saturday, May 21, 2011

Battle of Sander's Fork

17 October- A Katzian Division led by MG McPhail advanced to raise the siege at Curfu meeting Poo-Boochen forces for the first time. The Katzian forces consisted of:

BG Cubbins
7- Mount Crumpit Geibergs Regiment
8- Zoomba-Na-Tant Geibergs Regiment
9- Mount Zorn Geibergs Regiment
Mountain Artillery Battery

BG Van Itch
17- Herk-Heimer Fusilier Regiment
18- Terwilliger Tirailleur Regiment
29- Tobsk Tribe Regiment

COL Chan
20- Bumm Ridge Flanquer Regiment
39- Dookles Deserter Battalion
40- Roover River Cadet Ranger Regiment

COL Sanders
14- Lorax Lancers
15- Jivvanese Jagers zu Pferde

Katzian division moves to break the siege.

Poo-Boochen advanced post at the fork in the road.

Line troops with light infantry in the near by woods.

The mountain brigade and cavalry rapidly advance around the flank.

The situation looks grim for the defenders with Katzian cavalry cutting the road.

The storm is about to break on the defenders.

Jivvanese mounted jaeger's fail to close with enemy troops advancing in column.

Lorax Lancers charge impetously and sweep a defending battalion from the field...and pursue them off into the distance.

The light brigade and the reserve brigade their launch attacks after the Bumm Ridge Flanquers screen the attack and suffer heavy losses.

Roover River Cadets earn battle honors by routing their foe.

Dookels Deserter Battalion shrugs off heavy losses to seize the post house.

After an hour of close combat in the dense thicket north of the pond, the light troops finally route the enemy.

The leaderless Lancers continue the pursuit after Colonel Sanders falls.

A seemingly easy victory begins to slip from MG McPhail's grasp as enemy reinforcements arrive on the flank.

The light brigade begins to reorganize in the woods.

After the mountain artilley battery is smashed attempting to unlimber, BG Cubbins launches his brigade in an attack.

The Lorax Lancers finally regroup and return to the field of battle.

Dookel's see off a last ditch attack in the center.
While the enemy cavalry charge faced a wall of musket fire with expert shooting by the Tobsk Tribe.

The Mountain Brigade overruns the enemy guns forcing the Poo-Boochen commander to order a retreat.

McPhail lets the enemy retreat while he takes control of the field.

The 3rd battle of the campaign is on the books. Started out to be a quick Katzian victory with double move cards allowing the left flank forces to swing into the enemy rear. Things changed mid-stream with the arrival of Poo-Boochen reinforcements that caught the Katzian artilley limbered. Unable to respond to the artillery fire, things looked bleak for MG McPhail. BG Cunnins took it upon himself to save his honor after lossing his guns and launched a full brigade attack. This succeeded beyond expectations just as the enemy cavalry shattered themselves on the opposite side of the field.

After being down to -1 Morale Points, the pendulum swung back to end with a +5 to -7 Katzian advantage. MG McPhail made up for his earlier poor performance by keeping his troops on the field (passed two Army Morale Tests) until the enemy failed theirs by 10.