Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Imagi-nation army update

My imagi-nation army is close to maturity. I am calling this Phase I as I do have some items I want to add over time, but they will come along slowly and after I finish some other projects.

Infantry: (60) x 12 figure regiments

Cavalry: (20) x 8 figure regiments

Artillery: (5) x 8 figure/2 gun batteries --- plus (22) extra guns

Leaders: (32) mounted and (15) dismounted officers and personalities

Trains: (4) Casissons, (3) wagons, (4) limbers, (2) ambulances


Future Plans

Infantry: (20) more regiments

- Use names from US MoH winners

- units from colonies in India, Africa, and Asia

- staff fusiliers and artillery fusiliers

- black hat egypt campaign

- The Duchess of Barkley's Own Light Infantry, Viva Voltiguers

- Foxin-Soxe

- Hortin-Heersahoo

Cavalry: (8) more regiments

- Doft Dragoons, Keck Kurrassiers, Herk-Heimer Hussars, Ish Irregulars, colonial light cavalry, camel corps, staff dragoons

Artillery: (56) figures and 4 guns
- enough figures for 5 more batteries plus 2 colonial batteries

Leaders: as needed and if I see something that strikes me

Trains: same

Civilians: bunch on hand that can be painted over time...also used with Pirates