Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011

Started off slow this month (again). Seems to be a trend. I started work on the spaceships for Starmada but struggled as I don't like painting vehilces. Took a break from them after the 1st batch and switched to more 15mm figures.

Spaceships: 34 points

Song of the Spintered Lands-
14 x foxes : 14 points

Skirmish Figures:
12 x Russians: 12 points
6 x Police: 6 pts
8 x FBI Agents: 8 pts
4 x Rioters: 4 pts
11 x Militia: 11 pts

TOTAL: 89 points

I have 2 more batches of spaceships, 3 groups of SSL animals, and 4 groups of skirmish figures primed.

My June plan is to finish at least one groups of ships, one of the animal groups, and then some skirmish figures. This may help keep me motivated by mixing it up.

I got in one more battle for the Imagi-nation campaign this month and I took over the finished portion of the basement as the game room.