Sunday, January 16, 2011

Building Tensions

21 July- Grand Duchy forces have encountered several armed groups crossing the frontier from Schluppity-Schlupp but have been prevented from pursuit by Schlupp forces.

26 July- A squadron of Hippo-Heimer cavalry was forced to surrender to Schlupp forces after straying across the border in pursuit of a rebel band calling itself the Legion of Peace. Count Wilhelm has called for the immediate release of his forces but there has been no reply.

3 August- The Regency Council issued a statement claiming that the disgraced former Marshal of the Grand Duchy, Baron Von Stinken, is the force behind the growing unrest. After having fled prosecution for tax evasion, horse thievery, and sodomy last year, the Baron Von Stinken has been residing with his cousin, the Baron of Schluppity-Schlupp. Von Stinken’s new wife, the daughter of the Baron of Gluppity-Glupp, is said to want Von Stinken to have lands of his own.

6 August- The town of Gwernhoff has taken up arms in open rebellion against the Regency. The local militia regiment has begun to fortify the town and has called on the Legion of Peace to save them from the machinations of Count Wilhelm and his Regency lackeys.

12 August- Hippo-Heimer forces surrounded the rebels in Gwernhoff, demanding unconditional surrender. There has been no reply from the besieged rebels.

19 August- The Baron of Schuppity-Sclupp stated that Schlupp forces will conduct a large scale training exercise next month.

23 August- The Katzian ambassador to the Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp has been recalled to Whoville for consultations.

28 August- The Regency Council has granted Katzenstein the rights to station a pair of gunboats at Merlichetic in support of the ongoing efforts to repair the Bunting Canal. The Kingdom of Didd is sure to be very displeased about the growing Katzian military presence along the River Iller.