Friday, January 14, 2011

The Road to War

10 March- An early thaw has caused the Iller River to rise swiftly through the month. Boat traffic on the river has been treacherous and farmers are concerned about flooding of the newly planted field.

2 April- The levee along the Bunting Canal in the Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer broke and flooded the town of Merlichetic. Over one thousand perished in the flood including half a company of the Grand Duke's army when the local barracks collapsed.

5 April- Grand Duke Carl Gustov and Duchess Karina have died in a horrible accident. The Royals drown after their carriage overturned at night on a trip to inspect the flood damage in the North of the Grand Duchy. The carriage evidently slipped off the road into a flooded field killing all aboard. Reports indicate The Grand Duke's escorting squad of Dragoons also all died as they valiantly tried to rescue their liege.

7 April- Grand Duke Carl Gustov's heir, young Johann has been proclaimed the new Grand Duke with a regency council to organize affairs until the youngster reaches maturity. The dead Grand Duke's cousin, Wilhelm, the Count of Keck, has been invited to lead the council.

19 April- The Kingdom of Katzenstein has dispatched a small force of soldiers to assist the Grand Duchy in providing relief to the victims of the recent floods. In other news, the Grand Duke's army reported a border clash with a large group of bandits in the hills along the northwest frontier. Twenty dragoons were lost in driving the bandits from the area before returning to the makeshift camp outside Merlichetic. The remaining bandits were last seen taking small boats up the river towards the Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp.

5 May- The Katzian force consisting of several battalions (Sneeches Seminary Regiment, Poozers Pioneer Regiment, Vavoode Voltiguer Regiment, Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment, a battery of 6lb guns, and the Boober Bay Uhlans- all commanded by Colonel O’Dell) have arrived at the town of Merlichetic. They are joined by forces of the Grand Duchy and a battalion of volunteers from Keck. The Army of Relief, as they have been dubbed has begun to repair the Bunting Canal and the local levees.

20 May- The River has reached the high water mark and is slowing beginning to recede. The levee at Merlichetic has been repaired and work continues on repairing the defenses of the flooded town. Boat traffic on the river is still scarce, but with so many bridges still out from the flooding, it is expected to pick up shortly.

22 May- The Regency Council engaged in heated debate on the course of the nation's affairs. The rampant banditry along the border continues unchecked with daily clashes between the Grand Duchy's overstretched forces and local militia, and the roving bandits. There is much speculation about the source of the bandits and if they are in fact actually a rebel movement in the making. Many eyes turn to the Kingdom of Didd as the source of the trouble, but others suggest it may be a Katzian plot to take advantage of the Grand Duchy's misfortune to annex the land. In Katzenstein, the Countessa Genessa celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday again this year.

I am ramping up for my second imagi-nation campaign. I will finish the last 6 infantry regiments (colonial militia) I have on hand and then need to get on with the cavalry (12 x 8 figure regiments). The first battle will be a small defensive affair using Carnage and Glory II computer moderated rules.