Monday, January 17, 2011

War in the North

9 September- Forces from the Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp crossed the border into the Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer proclaiming that the troops are needed to quell the civil war breaking out in the Grand Duchy. While the exact composition of the invading force is unknown, a large Legion of Peace consisting of disaffected Hippo-Heimer citizens is said to be in the van. The invading army quickly brushed aside the local border guard and is marching towards Merlichetic.

11 September- A second Schlupp force entered Grand Duchy territory to the South in the Yonder Hills. Moving swiftly, they have occupied several villages and are in a position threaten the Katzian-Heimer trade road through the Vavode Valley and are close to linking up with the rebels at Gwernhoff. There has been no word from the Kingdom of Katzenstein over these blatant attacks.

14 September- The Regency Council has been disbanded and Count Wilhelm appointed as Defender of the Realm. The Count has called on Katzenstein to send troops to repel the invaders. He has called up a force of his own troops from the County of Keck to come to the Grand Duchy’s aid. Reports out of the West indicate the Principality of Poo-Bochen has reinforced its troops on the Hippo-Heimer border and have sent a private note to the King of Katzenstein warning against interfering in the conflict.

15 September- In a surprise move, the Barony of Gluppity-Glupp landed a force East of Merlichetic and has declared the River Iller upstream from the border of the County of Keck to be under blockade. The Baron of Gluppity-Glupp published a statement in support of the Legion of Peace and their efforts to end the civil war in Hippo-Heimer. This force is now located on the lines between the main Hippo-Heimer army preparing to defend the border, and the capital at Oldschmidt.

16 September- Schlupp and Hippo-Heimer forces met in a brief skirmish near the village of Beatty today. Losses were light on both sides, and the Hippo-Heimer forces withdrew in good order.

19 September- The Kingdom of Katzenstein has occupied the border fortress in Hippo-Heimer at the request of Count Wilhelm.  The peaceful hand over of the fort may be a sign of a pending intervention by the Kingdom.

25 September- The Principality of Poo-Bochen declared the Katzian invasion of Hippo-Heimer as illegal and called on Count Wilhelm to have his forces reoccupy the fortress at Great Bluff.

29 September- In a reprisal for the Katzian intervention, Poo-Bochen forces attacked the two forts guarding their border with Hippo-Heimer. While one fort fell quickly to an assault, the second withstood two attacks causing heavy casualties to the attackers. The border fort at Curfu is now under siege.

03 October- WAR!

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