Monday, January 24, 2011


I have not been very motivated to paint this month and my 6 battalions of colonial militia sit partially done. I am committed to finishing them this month. A recent article in The Classic Wargames Journal about staying focuses has given me new hope...need to buckle down and get these guys done.

Next up will be starting the remaining 12 cavalry units for my imagi-nation. Heavy cavalry are in short supply in the KoK. After that is a single infantry unit (sappers and miners) and then I am done with all on hand infantry and cavalry. Generals, baggage/trains, and civilians will follow.

Made my first purchase of 2011...buildings from Miniature Building Authority. I now have one of each of their 15mm buildings. Not cheap, but very nice. Great for skirmish gaming.

I set up the table for the opening battle of my 2nd imagi-nation campaign. I am trying the Carnage and Glory II computer moderated rules. A small affair of a dozen units a side, but the outcome will drive the direction of the campaign.

Played a skirmish game with my son this weekend...he set up a scenario in which my rag tag band had to defeat his SEAL teams and rescue a hostage (law of war was not in effect for this one!). I started out getting ambushed and suffered heavy losses, but one of the Rebel Mini female figures I pained last month ended up taking out four SEALs and gaining notoriety. I also ended up putting a RPG round into the back of a truck carying his reinforcements and we called the game with each of us in control of half the board. Did not take many pictures, but here are a few.