Saturday, January 15, 2011

Conflict on the horizon

26 May- In appreciate for the forces dispatched to assist in the recovery at Merlichetic, Count Wilhelm has given a gift of one thousand fine horses to the King of Katzenstein. The appreciate King is said to have directed that the horses will be used to remount several units that suffered from last year's devastating Equine Flu.

15 June- There have been over a dozen more attacks in Hippo-Heimer despite the reinforcement of the Army of Relief with three more battalions from Katzenstein and a Regiment of Dragoons from Kleck. In other news, the Kingdom of Katzenstein has signed a ten year lease to use a dock in the capital of the District of Doft. Two large gunboats and a pair of river barges will be based at Giftzwing to patrol the River Iller.

28 June- After a major raid on the small hamlet of Homlet was repulsed by the local militia, the Army of Relief launched a spirited pursuit of the attackers. Catching a group attempting to escape up a steep path, a squadron from the Boober Bay Uhlans killed two score of the enemy and took several prisoners. A second group is still being pursued by the volunteer Frei Korps provided by the County of Keck.

29 June- The Army of Relief, working in concert with the Katzian River Patrol has followed the fleeing enemy up the River Fromm (a tributary of the River Iller separating Didd and the Barony of Gluppity-Glupp).

30 June- There are reports of a minor clash between the Allied forces pursuing the bandits up the Fromm and forces of the Barony of Gluppity-Glupp defending a river fort at a bridge over the Fromm. While casualties are reportedly light, the pursuit has been halted and the force is now sailing back down the tributary.

1 July- A series of diplomatic notes have been exchanged by the ambassadors of
Katzenstein, Didd, Hippo-Heimer, Gluppity-Glupp, and Schluppity-Schlupp. While the exact contents are of course secret, the topic at hand can only be the cross border raids along the seemingly lawless frontier. A riot has also been reported in the town of Gwernhoff over the inability of the Regency to defend the local populace. There were repeated calls for Count Wilhelm to step down before a squadron of dragoons dispersed the crowd.

2 July- A patrol of Hippo-Heimer Jagers were ambushed along the riverbank and killed to a man. The casualties among the attackers are unknown.

16 July- The Regency Council has declared martial law in the Grand Duchy and closed the border in the West.

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