Friday, April 13, 2012

Apex- Tomorrow's War

We played our first scenario from the Tomorrows War book. This involves a mercenary group (ARC Fleet rifle troops in green) attcking a mining colony to destroy a power generator defended by the mining company's hired guns (Rebel Mini Shahadeen).

Made a few minor modifications by removing the merc vehilces but giving them a weapon team and medics but removing the body armor from the defenders.

This would be our first game with a score/victory conditions and a set turn limit (6).

The mercs enter from the South split into two squads.

The objective is the generator in the domed building.

The weapon team is taken down early after moving into a position to suppress the defenders but the squad's volume of fire drops the enemy.

2nd squad moves up on the right to seize the first row of buildings.

Back on the left, a team assualts the building just as the defenders retreat.

Mixed success on the right, one team is forced to retreat and regroup but the other takes a building.

Causualties mount for both sides as close range fire flys.

POWs on the right, the battle hangs in the balance,
Closing in on the objective from three sides.

 Most of the defenders are down.

Ready for the final attack.

Prisoner escort.

Actions on the objective- last turn.

End game- Victory to the mercs.

Casualty round up: 4 KIA, 3 heavy wounded, 6 light wounded, 9 unscathed

Power Generator

Final Score: 15 to 8