Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Outing

Got in two more games of Force on Force (Tomorrow's War) with my son. He has been setting up a mini-campaign of four battles. Each battle features one of the platoons in his sci-fi company. All the battles revolve around the same board set up.

Still coming to grips with Force on Force. I like the opposed roles with multiple dice types and the wound system. I even like the reaction concept but have a hard time remembering the rules and terms. A series of example and flow charts would help along with a list of if/then statements. Will keep at them for now.

The first game involved the Recon Platoon holding the base the Augment Platoon captured in the last battle.

Recon Platoon fends off a force of Ziva Force Police.

Good overwatch position.

The sniper takes a heavy toll.

Well defended positions.

The second battle (finished up on Easter)...Drop Troop Platoon makes a quick strike to rescue some POWs. The shuutle gets taken down with one squad still on the ground but the troopers rally to win the day.

Events turn ugly for the Drop Troop Platoon.

Plan B...take the base.

Lucky passangers...13 of 14 escape unharmed when the shuttle goes down to heavy AA fire.