Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plan B

Another battle in the mini-campaign with the new ARC troops from Critical Mass Games. The Drop Troop platoon (purple) has been sent in to rescue a team of captured Recon Troops (blue). The defenders are SAS from MicroPanzer.

Forgot to start taking pictures until almost the end.

After some initial success, the Drop Troops called in the extraction shuttle but could not get a good com link for several turns. This ratcheted up the enemy reinforcements and anti-aircraft fire.

The Drop Troops finaly got the bird on the ground but took off with one team still on the ground.

Deciding to tempt fate, they attempted to hover and drop extraction cables...only to be taken down by the heavy fire. Miraculously, only one of the twelve on board became a casualty (co-pilot) in the controlled crash.

Regrouping, the DTs launched a hasty attack to buy time for a second extraction attempt.

Used Force on Force/Tomorrows War for the battle. Getting a better handle on the rules.

A medal for the pilot that brought the damaged shuttle in with almost no casualties.

Start of the counter-attack.

Braving fire from an overwatch team.

LZ secure, time for another extraction attempt.