Sunday, April 15, 2012

Downed Pilot

Another Force on Force / Tomorrow's War outing. This time we played the introcudtory "Downed Pilot" scenario on our new desert board.

My son used the Drop Troops again facing off against the Sahadeen defenders.

Rescue teams move in from the West to link up with the pilot in the center.

The defenders open fire as the first team emerges from the woods but they are quickly suppressed.

The two teams on the left get ready to cover the open ground.

Bounding overwatch takes its toll on the defenders.

A quick assualt forces the survivors to retreat.

Enemy troops move in to capture the shuttle pilot but are cut down.

The left flank move is working.

The package is secured.

Last chance for the defenders to cause some casualties.

Effective overwatch as neutralized the left flank threat.

Almost home...

Fanatic defenders ruch the withdrawing Drop Troops but are cut down.

Final score: 10 to 0; another victory for the Junior General.