Thursday, April 5, 2012

ARC Troops from Critical Mass Games

A large company of sci-fi figures...160 in all. These are the ARC Fleet troops from Critical Mass Games. Painted them by using a spray color base, black wash, then lighter drybrush color.

My son picked the colors as these are his troops. With such a large number, they will also make great generic enemy for all the other small sci-fi groups I have painted.

Company HQ
4 man HQ team (CO, XO, 1SG, medic)
FO team (2 men)
3 x 3 man weapon teams (team leader, missle launcher, auto-gun)

1st Platoon (Rifle)
4 man HQ team w/ medic
5 x 9 man squads (squad leader, missle launcher, auto-gun,  5 riflemen)

2nd Platoon (Recon)
4 man HQ team
4 x 11 man squads (squad leader, 4 riflemen, 2 grenade launchers, 2 lazers, missle launcher, sniper)

3rd Platoon (Heavy)
3 man HQ team
3 x 7 man squads

4th Platoon (Armored)
3 man HQ team
3 x 7 man squads (1 missle launcher, 2 riflemen, 2 plasma gunners, 2 lazer gunners)

They got their first outing before being fully based with the Augments slicing through my modern US infantry.