Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lost Patrol

I played a game of Force on Force with my sone and one of his friends. My son set up the scenario involving a reinforced US squad going to search for surviviors of an ambushed patrol. I had initial success on one flank  but the weight of firepower won out in the end.

I am still unsure of the Force on Force rules but this was an enjoyable battle. I like the opposed dice rolling and multiple types of dice, but the reaction system is taking some getting used too. It may still fit the bill between individual skirmish (Flying Lead) and company level battles (IABSM).

The figures on the road were the US objective...retrieve a lost patrol.

After initial success, the militia losses add up on the roof.

Part of the 1st US team that was forced back.

A second effort brought more casualties but also some success.
On the opposite flank, the US troops bounded from building to building.

Shrugging off some casualties, they mass firepower.

A nice flank move takes out the machinegun bunker.

The butcher's bill.

Total losses added up to:
US- 2 KIA, 3 seriously wounded, 3 lightly wounded

Militia- 5 KIA, 5 seriously wounded, 1 lightly wounded