Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tomorrow's War--- shut out

Had my hat handed to me in a game of Tomorrow's War. Made a modified scenario from the rule book and used vehicles (stand in German half-tracks) for the first time. I was out maneuvered and out rolled during the whole game.

NOAH Force is tasked with searching the village for civilians and intelligence products. The Felid mechanized force will try to stop them and sanitize the village.

Looking down the road from the Felid side...half-tracks standing in for APCs.

NOAH Force prepares to move out.

Augments get the drop on a Felid team.

APC exchanging fire with a Recon Team.


First vehicle kill goes to this rocket launcher.

It gets bloody after that. Felid losses mount quickly.

Only three Felids survive to tell the tale of this massive defeat.