Saturday, December 19, 2009

Battle Notes

Notable Performances:
Lieutenant Colonel Ali Baba of the Zind Janissieries promoted to Colonel for inspiring leadership in the charge that destroyed the McGill Musketeers, and for his steadiness under attack by the Didd Cuirassiers. His regiment remained elated at their victory and were obviously better trained than initial inspections had indicated. [Increase to morale and training level]

Wah Hoo Hussars poor performance by inexcusably walking into an ambush when they should be scouting for the army was noted by the Major General Van Fleck. If the Hussar’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Von Unluchy had survived, his future in the service would have been in question. Major Donald Betterthan has taken command of the now under-strength unit.

The Crown Prince proved his bravery during two bayonet charges, however he is sure to have learned that it takes more than sheer courage to defeat a well emplaced and fully formed enemy infantry regiment.

The Vail Valley Dragoons and Krock Kavern Kurassiers have each added to their renown by defeating their counterparts in the enemy army and driving them from the field.

---This was my first official battle on my table using my miniatures. I had done a rehearsal battle to get familiar with the rules. I had to use stand in artillery crewmen, some officers, and two regiments of cavalry to fill out the Katzian forces. In the future, I will only use the units I have painted for the Kingdom of Katzenstein. I am using miniatures I bought on eBay for the opposing side. I enjoyed the battle while playing with my son. He made the decision to launch the Guard Brigade in a bayonet charge on the defending line…he learned a hard lesson by having “his” unit forced to retreat.