Sunday, December 6, 2009

Political Entities

This is a list of some of the other states around the Kingdom of Katzenstein. My first campaign will take place in the District of Doft.

Kingdom of Didd
Kingdom of Falkenberg
Kingdom of Differdoofer
Kingdom of Binn
Principality of Katroo
Principality of Palooski
Principality of Poo Bochen
County of FrommCounty of Keck
Grand Duchy of Biffer-Baum
Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer
Duchy of Redd-Zoff
Duchy of North NitchDuchy of South Stich
Duchy of Zizzer-ZoffDuchy of Ziffer-Zoof
Duchy of Dinkerville
Duchy of Dinkzooder
Barony of Ga-Zayt
Barony of Ga-Zair
Barony of West Upper Ben-Deezing
Barony of Gluppity-GluppBarony of Schluppity-Schupp
Republic of Texa-Hata-Cubb
Republic of Motha-Fa-Potta-Fa-Pell
Tribe of Dippo-No-Dungus
Tribe of Nippo-No-Nungus
Tribe of Foona Lagoona
Tribe of Moo-Laka-Moo
Tribe of Sala-Ma-Goo
Tribe of Yuzz-A-Ma-Toon
District of Doft
District of Far Foodle