Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Road to War

15 March - First Consul Jornberg of Doft died in his sleep after serving forfifty-three years. He was instrumental in organizing the Peace of Antonsbergthat brought about a long term treaty between the Kingdom and Didd and theKingdom of Katzenstein to make the District of Doft a de-militarized zoneand to share in the mineral wealth of the district. The treatyproportionally shared the important saltpeter production between the twokingdoms and the district treasury.

21 March - Second Consul Beeterfield of Doft died in a hunting accidentyesterday. He fell from his horse after being startled by a snake notnormally seen in these parts.

29 March - Third Consul Kilmarnie of Doft, the thirty-four year old nephewof King Derwin of Didd, has proclaimed himself Consul for Life. Kilmarniehas mobilized the Doftian military to secure the important towns ofAntonsberg, Krondstadt, Giftzwing, and the saltpeter mines in the West. LordKilmarnie has also declared all treaties to be null and void as the newregime reallocates tax revenue to the people.

02 April - King Yertle of Katzenstein formally protested the unilateralactions taken by Third Consul Kilmarnie upon the suspicious deaths ofJornberg and Beeterfield. King Yertle called for a council of Doftiannotables to form a provisional government while the matter is investigated.

06 April - Lord Kilmarnie of Doft has dismissed the ambassador of the Kingof Katzenstein for being in areers on docking fees for the ambassador'spleasure yacht in the Giftzwing harbor.

13 April - A contingent of the Army of Didd landed in Giftzwing today. It isestimated some three thousand troops disembarked and marched to a camp justSouth of the city. A small contingent also joined the Doftian guards in thefort overlooking the harbor.

15 April - Rumor has it that a second Didd column has crossed the RiverIller Major at Krondstadt.

22 April - HMKS Sparrow, a 12 gun sloop, was fired upon while entering theharbor at Giftzwing. Captain Detzenberg valiantly tried to negotiate thefire and return to Lake Winna Bango, but his ship ran aground on a sand spitat the harbor mouth. Captain Detzenberg and his crew have been interred atthe Didd encampment near the city wall. It is unknown why the Doftiangarrison opened fire or if the Diddian artillery recently arrived took partin the cannonade.

01 May - Prime Minister Theodore Suess Geisel of Katzenstein has dispatcheda note of diplomatic protest addressed to Third Consul Kilmarnie of Doft.The note demands an explanation for the attack on HMKS Sparrow, the immediate expulsion of all invading Diddian troops, and the immediate dispatch of the bargesloaded with saltpeter sitting in the harbor.

04 May - King Yertle of Katzenstein has called up forces from across thenation to marshal at Mercedd for Summer maneuvers. While all speculationpoints to a pending military conflict in the District of Didd, PrimeMinister Geisel has stated, "It is nice in Mercedd this time of year.Perfect for short marches and picnics for the officers." The rumors circulating the war ministry about an outbreak of Equine Flu said to have devastated the Katzian Cavalry force have so far not been confirmed. [I need to paint more cavalry!]

15 May - The Grand Army of the North has crossed the border along Bumm Ridgeand is headed towards Antonsberg along the River Iller Minor.

21 May - The Queen of Katzenstein, Contessa Genessa, is rumored to want to celebrate her birthday on the morrow at the renown Punlam Inn at Antonsberg.